Practical Risk Management offers a full range of risk management services

The origin of the word “risk” is from early Italian “risicare”, which means “to dare”. In that sense, risk implied a choice and not an outcome. In modern Italian there is the proverb “chi non risica non rosica” – nothing ventured nothing gained….

Human beings are significantly defined by making choices about what we do – our “risk appetite”. What do we “dare” to do and how can we minimise the “down-side” while maximising success, however that is perceived or defined? What could go wrong, how might it affect us or our enterprises and what is that chance of “things” going wrong? This we call “Risk Management”.

Modern times comes with modern approaches to Risk Management, and this is documented in many ways, including Risk Management “Standards” and associated documents.

Risk Management involves a process, set in the context of the objectives of the organisation (regardless of how large or small). Practical Risk Management will assist or guide your organisation through this process.

Practical Risk Management can help organisations apply risk management principles and practices within their activities, conducting risk assessments, and applying their outcomes, whether as an integral part of project management, application of technology, business development and business continuity, problem solving, change management or management systems development (including the required “tools” that risk prevention and mitigation require). The approach taken will fit the objectives of your business, and risk assessment methods suit the requirements of the risk assessment context. The whole process is developed with client involvement at every key stage.

Practical Risk Management has in-house risk assessment software suited to workshop situations where hazard identification or risk assessment (scenario-based) is to be conducted.

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