project management

Practical Risk Management offers a full range of project management and Engineering services

Project Management – an increasingly complex subject, involving potentially many other systems in its application (risk management, information management, technology application and solutions identification, quality, finance, regulatory, scheduling, HSE, training, personnel and resource management, security and so on with details depending on the particular project), progressing through several phases resulting in the delivery and “operation and maintenance” of the desired outcomes. (One day, the project may reach its end-of-life, and then shutdown. Consideration of the potential associated risks should be addressed during project scoping, but often aren’t.)

PRM personnel are experienced with Project Management from a Systems level to application of tools within the system including scheduling, supervision, regulatory compliance, risk management, HSE management, design and execution, training and public interface management).

Technology application and engineering solutions have especially been services provided, with focus (but not restricted to) the Oil / Gas industry.