At Practical Risk Management we can offer you effective Training and Development

The transfer of knowledge and information is key for the successful implementation of Management Systems and their components and supporting tools. Training may be embedded within workshop agendas (such as risk assessments) to ensure a common minimum understanding of principles, and of jargon prior to commencing the actual risk assessment. Training packages will be developed once objectives, audience, competency assessment requirements, duration, location, initial / refresher and other key requirements have been defined together with the client.

PRM personnel are highly experienced in training package development and presentation. Strategies may also include “training by doing”, in which our personnel coach during actual activities: such as conducting Job Safety Analysis, leading an emergency response team during an emergency drill or even developing effective Management Steering Committees to oversee Management Systems.

PRM as with all its work will ensure client objectives are defined and understood, that a process for development and implementation is established and followed, with appropriate checkpoints and verifications to ensure outcomes meet objectives.