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Our qualified staff at Practical Risk Management can help you with your Business Solutions

Management Systems support how many organisations conduct their activities. Some organisations have their own systems, and others apply national or international standards. One characterisation is shown below.

business solutions

Whatever your requirement, be it system “design”, system implementation, monitoring or auditing, PRM can assist your organisation. Our personnel have direct experience of systems implementation, development, rollout (dealing with resistance to change), performance and auditing. Considerable experience in particular comes from Health, Safety, Environment & Security Management Systems. This includes the system development of documentation as well as the tools and methods that are required to meet system objectives.

We understand the importance of continuous improvement in the cycle of business systems management, having led and taken part in audits / assessments addressing compliance, status and effectiveness evaluation, including for “readiness to operate” evaluation.

In addition to systems development, PRM has been called on to (successfully) assist organisations with “complex problem solving”. This usually involved gaining an understanding of the real problem, sometimes the application of probability-based models, and workshop facilitation to bring together the objectives and values of stakeholder groups and obtain an agreed / supported solution.