The Team

David Ure

David Ure

Director and Chief Consultant

David Ure is the founder and Director of Practical Risk Management Pty Ltd (and its predecessor: Ure Risk Engineering Pty Ltd). With an initial 25 years practical experience employed in the oil / gas industry, internationally and nationally, David established a foundation upon which to build consulting services. His company reputation is recognized internationally and services are results driven as shown in the 18 years of successful consulting services since.
In addition to his demonstrated ability to apply engineering solutions, David has also demonstrated creative thinking and solution identification for complex problem solving. He has the ability to guide multi-disciplinary groups through a process to obtain outcomes that meet objectives.

The range of types of work completed (link to the “what we have done” space) speaks for itself. Key to much of the work was taking organisations successfully through change. Sound engineering Project Management and technical skills are always applied to services.

David Ure’s career began as a graduate of chemical engineering in 1977 with Hamersley Iron in Western Australia. He spent some ten years with Shell International Maatschappij, completing assignments in The Netherlands, Malaysia and Oman. Experience included Petroleum/Drilling Engineering (offshore and onshore, wellsite operations, budgeting and cost control [20 land-rig operation, USD 1 billion budget in 1998], emergency response and production technology). Returning to Australia, David worked for almost ten years in Esso Australia as senior drilling engineer also as an acknowledged practitioner of Risk Management and Management Systems application prior to starting out in consultancy business. He was also involved in specialized technology and engineering solution applications, and co-authored a successful US patent application related to Well Collision Avoidance.

David is internationally recognized for his abilities as facilitator and trainer. His abilities to facilitate in workshop environments have been honed in more than 60 workshops, most of which were risk assessments and the balance were more general “complex problem solving” or project scoping workshops. Workshop groups were multi-disciplinary, multi-supplier and involved international personnel. PRM ensures an effective end-to-end process from workshop charter development, through workshop preparation to the actual workshop and resultant deliverables. The extensive background of David and the PRM team ensures facilitation from a knowledgeable base which contributes to (and tests for validity) the discussion content.

Many of the deliverables have required training and communications as part of the scope of work. David and the PRM Team have provided training across many subjects, including extensive training related to Emergency Response Plan roll-out addressing personnel from senior company Management to operations personnel, drillers and many others.
David holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) degree and completed Shell in-house Petroleum Engineering Courses (I & II). He is also a member of The Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Andy Camp

Andy Camp

Senior Consultant

Andy is a Senior Consultant with Practical Risk Management, having been involved in company service provision since the beginning of 2001. He preceded those 15 years with 20 years’ experience in global upstream oil and gas companies, giving him the foundation that promotes successful consulting services provision both nationally and internationally and a reputation for getting the job done.

Andy began his career in 1981 with a global upstream oil and gas exploration and production company. He spent twenty years in various assignments in regional Australia, Sydney and Brisbane, ranging through project execution, production facilities surveillance and integrity, regulator liaison and oversight of implementation of corporate health, safety and environment management systems.

During these years, Andy developed his detailed understanding of risk management principles and practices and their essential links to regulators and the public. Andy’s experience has resulted in him being selected to be on project management teams on numerous projects. His interpersonal, communication and facilitation skills are strong points of Andy’s skill set. Andy’s broad experience in oil and gas operations and regulatory processes aids in efficiently achieving successful outcomes.

Andy is a very able facilitator in risk assessment workshops, and in meetings where concensus is required as a key outcome.

Andy holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree and a Graduate Diploma of Engineering Maintenance Management. He has completed numerous technical and business training programs, and is a member of Engineers Australia.

Glyn Rayson

Glyn Rayson-Hill

Senior Consultant

Glyn is a Senior Consultant with Practical Risk Management having been involved in company service provision since the beginning of 2001. Prior to that, Glyn worked for Esso in Australia as a Drilling Superintendent (1969-1992), supervising floating drilling, platform drilling, land exploration drilling, and jack-up drilling in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the USA. This was followed by a period of independent consulting that involved planning and design, contracting, fabrication and installation of major drilling rig upgrades. Subsequently, Glyn has provided consulting services for Practical Risk Management (and previously Ure Risk Engineering). Glyn’s detailed analytical skills are well supported by his extensive experience.

He has facilitated project based risk assessments for new projects, including presenting project risk assessments to Government as part of the project approval process. Also, the planning and conducting audits of elements of safety management systems including specification of audit scope and questionnaires, acting as audit team leader, and preparing audit reports. Glyn often co-facilitates with other PRM team members in risk assessment and complex problem solving workshops.

Glyn’s extensive background of drilling operations and drilling rigs has been used in the Project Manager of heli-rig construction in China, including HAZID/HAZOP of drilling equipment and drilling fluid systems, and risk assessments of international rig mobilizations. Glyn’s logical eye for detail has been applied often to the complexities of optimizing platform rig moves, probabilistic modelling such as to determine the availability of crew on offshore platform complex at any given time to form minimum emergency response crews. He is a recognized practitioner for platform rig design optimization.

As well as a background in drilling and workover operations, Glyn has worked in petroleum processing plants and as OIM of offshore oil and gas production platforms, giving him extensive knowledge of processing plant and upstream production. Glyn has also been associated with offshore production jacket installation and insertion of pin piles.
Glyn has completed studies at Bristol College of Advanced Education, Exxon Drilling School and numerous technical and personal development courses.

Jennet Ure

Jennet Ure

Associate Consultant

Jennet Ure is our advisor on business interfaces; with regulators and the public. After beginning her professional career in journalism, she was employed in the oil / gas industry in public and government relations.

She understands the importance and complexities of these business interfaces and has been exposed to all levels of government, from presidents and senior ministry directors to the personnel who administer regulations.

Jennet’s career began as a journalist in Turkmenistan and she quickly became recognized domestically and internationally (contributing articles to Reuters, The Washington Times) and other magazines and tourism journals. She then moved into the oil and gas upstream industry as a Government and Public Affairs Advisor responsible as primary contact point between the company and government offices relevant to business activities. This required extensive knowledge of how government mechanisms and organisational structures work. The role was critical to ensuring that company activities proceeded smoothly, without breaking the law and meeting business objectives.

Jennet holds a Philosophy of Arts degree (Moscow State University) and a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations (Australia) and is fluent in English and Russian.




PRM has access to a significant number of additional personnel who can be provided individually or as part of a team. These resources are provided on an as-needs basis, covering the range of specialists to generalists