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Our Consulting Services provide Project Management, Risk Assessment and Management, Engineering for oil and gas exploration and production and much more.


With extensive experience in Australia, South East and Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East, individuals or teams can be provided to suit your requirements.


We are committed to quality service and innovation, aiming to produce cost effective results – on time and to specification.



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Risk Management

The origin of the word “risk” is from early Italian “risicare”, which means “to dare”. In that sense, risk implied a choice and not an outcome. In modern Italian there is the proverb “chi non risica non rosica” – nothing ventured nothing gained….

Human beings are significantly defined by making choices about what we do – our “risk appetite”. What do we “dare” to do and how can we minimise the “down-side” while maximising success, however that is perceived or defined? What could go wrong, how might it affect us or our enterprises and what is that chance of “things” going wrong? This we call “Risk Management”.

Project Management and Engineering

Project Management – an increasingly complex subject, involving potentially many other systems in its application (risk management, information management, technology application and solutions identification, quality, finance, regulatory, scheduling, HSE, training, personnel and resource management, security and so on with details depending on the particular project), progressing through several phases resulting in the delivery and “operation and maintenance” of the desired outcomes.


project management and engineering

training and developement

Training and Development

Management Systems and their components and supporting tools. Training may be embedded within workshop agendas (such as risk assessments) to ensure a common minimum understanding of principles, and of jargon prior to commencing the actual risk assessment. Training packages will be developed once objectives, audience, competency assessment requirements, duration, location, initial / refresher and other key requirements have been defined together with the client.

Business Solutions

Whatever your requirement, be it system “design”, system implementation, monitoring or auditing, PRM can assist your organisation. Our personnel have direct experience of systems implementation, development, rollout (dealing with resistance to change), performance and auditing. Considerable experience in particular comes from Health, Safety, Environment & Security Management Systems. This includes the system development of documentation as well as the tools and methods that are required to meet system objectives.
We understand the importance of continuous improvement in the cycle of business systems management, having lead and taken part in audits / assessments addressing compliance, status and effectiveness evaluation, including for “readiness to operate” evaluation.

business solutions